Empower Pastoralist Org of Kenya

Advocating for comprehensive educational reforms to fit the lifestyle of pastoral communities.
Community awareness and engagement on harmful retrogressive cultural practices.
Engagement of vulnerable groups with policymakers.

Kenya is to an estimation of 70% rangeland including grasslands and savannahs, which are the vulnerable places for pastoral communities in Kenya and the world at large. The rangelands are susceptible to degradation and severe natural tragedies e.g. drought and famine extending to unmanaged anti-social behaviors like cattle rustling. The extremes from land associated menaces with little efforts to liberate by government and other entities, consequently the menaces have been directly replicated to the livelihoods of these communities representing an impoverish lifestyle full of problematic countenances.

EPOK through partnership with government of Kenya, NGOs, private sector and state corporate will deploy a reach out strategy which is meant to develop the pastoral communities by exploiting their potentiality and valuable resources within their vicinities.

Our multidimensional projects are strides to ensure a change of the narrative , strategies to uplift the living standards of pastoral communities to an enabling environment with minimized scarcity through educational provision, good lifestyle and improved facilities.

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