Empower Pastoralist Org of Kenya

Shared Moments

From left, Leng'erded Erisen, Felix Lekishe, Dr. Chelule(Deputy Director of KIRDI) and Mathew Jericho after a presentation of a proposal for partnership on establishment of a leather tanning industry at Samburu county near Laikipia border.



We Empower to Power.


Attaining an Equitable sustainable development through exploitation of untapped resources to a successful lifestyle of comfort.


Establishing a mature economy where all human dimensions are improved to empower Kenyans to higher standards of living.

Core Values:


Empower Pastoralist Organization of Kenya is a registered non-profit, non-political organization which is strategically designated to educate, provide and support pastoral communities through multidimensional projects to ensure sustainable development by leveraging funds from our diverse partners and donors. Pastoral communities especially the nomads have been forced by their lifestyle to live in peripherals of the country, habitually barren lands with limited resources and development. Having livelihoods squarely shouldered on their livestock which are vulnerable to a stream of menaces i.e. drought, retrospective cultural practices like cattle rustling and diseases, which makes them susceptible to poverty, limited access to education which in turn represent a continuous edgy countenances within and out of their boundaries.

The organization interest is to be an outreach visionary partner of the contemporary pastoral communities with extensive objectives to sustainable development. Fixing focus on the untapped potential of pastoral communities and their environment to influence national GDP is our great strategy toward making an inclusive, enabling and sustainable environment for pastoral communities. Pastoralism is an invisible asset to every growing economy with a sustainable value, if its potential is fully exploited. EPOK is focused to unlock the full potential and expose to the communities, train them to do it by themselves and evaluate the potential through local projects.

Our People

The intent purpose of the organization is to be an outreach visionary partner of the contemporary pastoral communities with extensive objectives to sustainable and enabling environment. A committee to research, evaluate and measure every interventions proposed by the members through board of directors or our corporate partnerships will pass through the scan stage before implementation.
The groundbreaking innovative tools are cordially integrated to the vision, to reflect the untapped potential of sumptuous rich environment, which can help the communities grow economically. SC-organized discussions and communications are targeted at dressing the real sustainability issues which are equitable and sustainable.