Educational provision policies from the government Kenya has been miles away from realities in pastoral communities. Their social and ethnographic landscape has never been well articulated at the inception of the current educational system viz. proper liberations have yet been achieved and assumptions made that when a building with a name of an institution is established, TSC professionals posted and few barefooted, less fortunate majorities flock in their numbers into structures makes a school complete. Environmental, social and ethnographic constituents are vastly challenging in pastoral communities, so compelling ways to mitigate should be applied to cater for quality education.

Most pastoralists are nomads, so dropout is rampant in these rural schools with no close eye from the government due to maybe infrastructural implications or reluctant authorities.Boarding facilities should be prioritized in these schools to give education a meaning in pastoral communities. EPOK is conceptualizing a campaign to give education a meaning in pastoralists communities through exploration of policy issues anchoring all in research.