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About US

About EPOK

Who we are...

Empower Pastoralists Organization of Kenya is a legal entity registered as a community-based organization. The organization is an all-inclusive and indivisible entity of pastoralists, with representations from every Pastoralist dominated counties and Diasporas in Kenya.

EPOK works on a framework of strengthened local capacity to address village level livelihood and governance problems.

About US


To lead in imparting knowledge on development agenda through meaningful engagement in decision making processes.


To empower pastoralist communities and give them greater control over their own decisions on development by understanding their role to, and reinforce, work to build accountable and responsive government institutions that can meet their needs.


  • To capacity build the communities to meaningfully engage and to be actively involved in all decision making processes.
  • Enhance community understanding on citizen’s rights and responsibilities through applied experiences, advocacy and sensitization.
  • Maximize the extent to which community diversify livelihoods, attitude towards occupations and are informed by planners and decision-makers throughout their respective counties.

Thematic Areas

  • Advocacy.
  • Meaningful participation of locals with decision and policy makers.
  • Diversification of livelihoods.
  • Good governance for sustainable development.
  • Advocacy on health, policy, education and security.
  • Information empowerment.

Our Experience

  • More engagements results to increased resources for the support of the vulnerable communities.
  • Enhanced social accountability and responsibility by all actors within the community.
  • Integration and coordination of a framework of activities where communities get fully involved..

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